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IDENTITATS awarded in Nanchong

dimecres, 14 de juny de 2017

The Rocamora Teatre Company was invited by the UNIMA Asia-Pacific Commission to participate in this year's edition of the International Puppet Art Week Festival, which took place in Nanchong (China), during the first week of June 2017.

This was the second edition of a festival that, started in 2014, mainly aims to show the work of Asian formations, but also of companies from the other four continents.

In particular, there were 23 from China and 23 from the rest of the world, coming from Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain (Catalonia), Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine and Vietnam.

The performances are distributed throughout the city, from the big People’s square, with its two stages, to huge auditoriums and all kinds of municipal theatres, universities, etc. The access is free and the spaces are filled to overflowing from hours before.

The festival has an International Jury that is distributed throughout the city to see every one of the programmed shows.

With the help of the Institut Ramon Llull, Rocamora Teatre presented his new work "Identitats" in three performances: one in the "small" stage of the People's Square and the other two in the concert hall of Nanchong Normal University Conservatory of Music.

The reception of the public was very good, with constant applause throughout the performances and with generous signs of gratitude when finished.

On the last day, in a Closing Ceremony as spectacular as it had been the Aperture, the Jury's verdict was read, giving the "Award for Outstanding Dramas" to Rocamora Teatre Company for "Identitats".

Award that we share with all our artistic team.

Information about the show IDENTITATS (Identities)

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